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Not a dream, Not a Nightmare, Worst, it is real!

Yes, i am talking about LOVE. I think love is the most unique thing in our lives cos it can like a dream or nightmare but in the end it is real. And the most suck thing is we are living every possibilty of love in it. When you fall in love, first stage is dream then it becomes nightmare. But we cant know which stage gona end sooner or later, sometimes its seconds that we cant feel it well and we think that it is all nightmare. Can we avoid this nightmare? Can we wake up?? the answer is NO. Because it is real. And we need to live with it. I know it is like living in hell but we cant do something for it. We cant kill ourselves just for it. Life is not that simple. One day we can live that Dream again… At least im hoping that….


My first dream that i was another person. Never remembered any name in my dreams.

I was working in a pub as barmen. My mom was sick and i am taking care of her. My all life setled around her. It was the same like other days in my life. I woke up at 7 o’clock. I went to kitchen and made breakfast to me and my mom. Kissed her and started to walk to pub. Streets was wet like rain stoped few minutes ago. Weather was cold, i put my hands in y pockets to avoid cold littlebit cos i dont have gloves. While i was walking, i am thinking a girl. I saw her in pub yesterday. I was preying to see her again. I entered a smallstreet for shortcut, i saw someone lieng on floor. I went to near and figured out that she was that girl i was thinking. Shaked her to woke up, but she did not. while I took my mobile phone from my pocket , a police car was passing from there. I closed my mobile phone when i saw them. They get off from car. One of them targeted me with his gun, other one asked me few questions till he came to me closely. I told that i was going to work and see her here and i was going to call police but when i saw them i closed phone. They get me to police station and took statement from me. But they didnt allow me to go to my work. I was waiting at jail. Then they get me to ask further questions about girl. They learned that she was at pub yesterday and they started to investigate it around me. And they said they wont let me go till investigation over, atleast part of me. I was realy sad about that girl, so i didnt anger to police and said its ok. After 3 days , they needed to get off me from jail. I was free after hard 3 days, i run to home cos my mom realy worried about me cos it was my first time in jail and i can loose my work cos of it. When i went to my home, i saw an ambulance at there and they was taking someone with black pochette which they are using in morgue. I shocked and started to run and cry to my house, a policeman tried to calm me but it was impossible, everyone i love was death, my mom and dad.. and also a girl that i like was killed. I stole the police’s gun from his belt and shooted me.

I woke up after shooted myself. Thinked many times about this dream.. Really unlucky man…

BlackPen’s Dreams

Hello, i am writing my dreams and nightmares to wordpad since 2006. I will share some of them here and then ill write all of my new dreams/nightmares at here. You can find your story in here…